How To Make A Recliner More Comfortable

When it comes to living room furniture, nothing is quite like a recliner chair. It provides the ultimate level of comfort and has enough space for multiple happy cuddles.

There is no better place than a recliner chair after a long day of sheer hard work. But besides simple comfort, what other benefits do recliner chairs have to offer?

Recliner chairs work like charms for individuals who are suffering from mobility issues. However, while anyone likes extra comfort, the comfort just skips to the next level if the person suffers from Arthritis.

In fact, you don’t have to suffer from any health condition to reap the benefits of a recliner. A great recliner can also benefit individuals who are fighting negative emotions.

Research has shown us that stress can be a serious factor that needs to be monitored and controlled. This is where recliners can help. Taking quality time to rest can go a long way in relieving stress and exhaustion.

How To Make A Recliner More Comfortable

Benefits Of Reclining Chair

  • Lumbar Support: Recliners come with lumbar support that helps your back relax after a long day at work. It is important to choose chairs with lumbar support because they reduce back pain. In addition to these benefits, it helps with proper spinal cord alignment, promotion of proper body posture, and reduces the risk of any injuries to the back.
  • Better Circulation: Sitting for long hours can damage your legs and joints. Gravity affects the blood flow, and when your body weight is not evenly distributed, it affects your joints. But with the recliners, you can be sure to distribute your body weights equally. When your body weight is distributed evenly, it reduces the load of a single pressure point, relaxes the muscles, and loosens your body for better circulation.
  • Pain Relief: after working for longer hours in the office and sitting at the computer, you might experience neck pain or back pain. A living room recliner can help you relieve these pains. When your body is experiencing pain, heat therapy and massage can help relieve the muscle tension. And relaxing on a recliner helps you evenly distribute your body weight. This improves blood circulation.
  • Stress Relief: Perhaps the ultimate benefit of having a recliner is that you get the chance to cut back on stress at the end of the day. There are three types of stress – Physical, mental, and emotional. Each type of stress affects the body and causes the body to experience several tensions. Your body needs to relieve these stresses, which is where the decliner comes into the picture.

How To Make A Recliner More Comfortable?

The reason why recliners are popular is because of the level of comfort it adds to your life. However, sometimes, these recliners can feel stiff and take away the comfort you’re looking for.

Look no further if you are seeking some helpful tips on ‘How to make a recliner more comfortable. We have got all the advice you will ever need.

Soft Cushion For The Seat

The foam and the fabric of the recliner go through a lot of wear and tear over time. This causes the cushion to sit lower over time. When that happens, the ideal answer is to buy an entirely new recliner.

However, both methods are expensive. Even if you are going to buy an affordable recliner, it will still cost you more than $150.

Seeing how expensive it can be every time your recliner’s cushion is damaged, manufacturers have come up with a solution.

Manufacturers now provide a variety of alternative cushions to extend the life of your beloved chair. The cushions are made of high quality and help you get the same comfort back.

Raise Your Armrests

The armrest on your recliner is meant to be used. They are there to help you settle in the chair and become comfortable. However, if you are short or the height of the armrest is too high or low, your arms can feel uncomfortable.

Raising the armrest to your comfort level can help you out. With the right height of the armrest, you can settle in the chair more comfortably.

Additional Support For The Lumbar

Even after recliners offer soft cushions and alternatives, you might not find the perfect cushion for your lumbar. In that case, you can always provide additional support. There are varieties of lumbar support for recliners that come in different prices and appearances. Although they are not expensive, getting the right one for your back is important.

While selecting the right lumbar support, see that your back perfectly fits. For that, you can either go with a foam block that has a cut-out in the center or with lumbar support that looks more like a long pillow.

Consider Getting A Foot Rest

The level of comfort you can get out of your recliners depends on a variety of factors. Your body’s position with respect to how it is against the ground can also have an impact on seismic activity.

If you are short or have short legs, your legs might not touch the ground. This might feel uncomfortable for your legs. In that case, adding a footrest can help you feel relaxed and flat on a firm surface.

Having a footrest helps to support the rest of your body and helps it rest up straight without any additional support. This is because when a person is unable to land their feet for support, they use the core region. Hence, instead of relaxing, they feel tired and stressed.

Changing The Pitch Of The Recliner

Perhaps you haven’t pitched the tour recliner properly. To understand the correct pitch of your recliner, you must sit on the recliner chair when it is upright. Just sit and ensure that your back is touching the backrest and you are not reclining.

Now it’s time to figure out which recliner pitch will most comfort you.

While the recliner is in its closed position, the recliner’s pitch is the height of the chair. If the pitch is low, you will find your knee bending above the seat or upward of the recliner seat.

Drape A Blanket Over The Recliner

Recliners are great for relaxing. But they can be chilly during the winter. If you want to make your recliner more comfortable during winter, try draping it with a blanket. The blanket will add an additional cushioning effect and warm you up.

Draping is a good way to add a new feature to your recliner and enjoy a cold winter in warmth without turning up the heat.

Massage The Leather To Soften It Up

If you have ever tried sitting in a recliner chair that has been stored for quite a while, you will find that its leather covering has become stiff. Instead of giving you that soft, cozy feeling, you feel bruised and battered.

You don’t have to suffer. Just try to give your recliner a good massage. The softness will reappear. After a few minutes of massage, your recliner will be comfortable enough to sit again.


Q1. Is it Healthy To Sleep On A Recliner?

Yes, it can be.

According to a recent study, it has been seen that Americans spend too much time sitting on a chair. This practice is too unhealthy and creates all sorts of problems like sore joints, aching backs, weaker hearts, and slow metabolism.

That’s not the fault of the recliner, though. There is nothing wrong with the recliners that makes these problems worse. It is just a lifestyle thing, and recliners are just a part of it.

It is also true that not all recliners are equal. Different recliners are made differently. For example, some come with longer backs, while some come with wider ones. You just need to find the right one that helps you relax.

Q2. What Can You Do To Make Your Recliner More Ergonomic?

Recliners are not ergonomic. It is all about how well you can balance your weight while sitting in recliners. It will feel comfortable if you can distribute your weight evenly on the cushion.

For starters, you can put a chair pad on the back of the chair. The pad prevents pressure points and helps distribute your weight evenly throughout.

You can even add an additional cushion on the armrest to make it more comfortable while spreading your body weight all over.

When It Comes To Comfort, Recliner Is The Way To Go

By now, you must have understood what the recliner has to offer. Recliners are a perfect element to add additional comfort to your life. After all, it is the perfect way to unwind your day after a long and stressful day in the office.

However, after use, you might find that your recliner has loosened its comfier side a little bit. This usually happens when you become too comfortable with the recliner and want some additional comfort.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can make your recliner more comfortable.

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