How To Fix A Slippery Tub: 10 Easy Fixes

Taking a warm, relaxing bath after a long day is one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, nothing ruins the mood like slipping and falling in the tub! A slippery bathtub can be dangerous, especially for seniors or people with mobility issues. You don’t have to replace your entire bathtub to prevent slipping. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to fix a slippery tub and make your bathing experience safer and more enjoyable. So grab your rubber duckie, and let’s dive in!

How To Fix A Slippery Tub

How To Fix A Slippery Tub:

1. Rubber Mats as a Quick Fix

Rubber mats are a cheap and easy solution to solve a slippery bathtub. However, it’s important to note that the mats can still move on the surface, especially when wet. So, it’s recommended to look for mats without suction cups, but instead, ones with raised bumps or a texture that can grip to the surface. Another option is to apply a non-slip tape or spray to the bottom of the mat for additional traction. While this may be a quick fix, it’s not always the most effective solution for long-term safety.

2. Nonslip Decals for Original Tub Finish

Adding nonslip decals is a great option to boost traction and prevent slips if you have a bathtub with an original finish. Secopad’s anti-slip shower stickers are an excellent choice for this purpose. Along with installing an anti-slip shower mat or rubber mat, you can opt for affordable solutions like non-slip stickers. If you want to add an extra touch of style, consider placing a rug for additional traction. However, the best choice for a long-lasting solution is to purchase a bath mat or use products like SolidStepCote Clear Abrasive Anti-Slip Coating or Tub Grip. By following these tips on how to fix a slippery tub, you can ensure your safety and prevent any near-to-full-death experiences.

3. Install an Anti-Slip Shower Mat

Another option to consider when fixing a slippery tub is to install an anti-slip shower mat. This effective solution provides a stable surface underfoot as you shower. It’s a more permanent solution than a rubber mat, which can move around or become moldy. Anti-slip shower mats also come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match your bathroom decor. Additionally, they’re easy to clean and don’t require frequent cleaning like adhesive treads. Installing an anti-slip shower mat will increase safety and reduce the risk of falls in your bathtub or shower.

4. Rubber Mats for Affordable Solution

Rubber mats are a popular solution for fixing a slippery tub or shower for those on a budget. The mats are easy to find and come in various sizes to fit any bathtub. They can provide a stable surface, making standing and moving around in the shower easier. However, rubber mats do have their limitations. They can still move around the surface, especially if not properly secured. Additionally, the mats can collect bacteria and mold, requiring frequent cleaning. While rubber mats may not be the most effective solution, they can be an affordable and quick way to add traction to a slippery tub or shower. Consider pairing them with other solutions, such as non-slip stickers or an anti-slip coating for added safety.

5. Use Non-Slip Mat or Stickers

Another way to fix a slippery tub is using non-slip mats or stickers. These are affordable options and can be easily placed on the surface of your bathtub or shower. But, it’s important to note that relying solely on mats with suction cups may not be effective. For added traction, non-abrasive tapes are also available in the market. However, harsh chemicals can easily strip and remove much of the protective coating for those that have a non-slip formula or adhesive grip strips. Customers who have tried and rated anti-slip bath stickers recommend it as an alternative to mats. Overall, non-slip mats or stickers are a quick and easy fix for a slippery bathtub or shower.

6. Place a Rug for Additional Traction

Another option to improve traction in a slippery tub is placing a rug inside the tub. This can be an affordable solution, as most people already have a bathroom rug nearby. However, choosing a rug with non-skid backing is important, as this will help prevent the rug from slipping. It is also important to ensure the rug is placed securely in the tub to avoid any movements. While a rug may not provide as much traction as other anti-slip solutions, it can be an additional measure to improve safety in the bathroom.

7. The Common Choice: Purchase a Bath Mat

Purchasing a bath mat is the most common and easiest choice when fixing a slippery bathtub. These mats are widely available in different materials, including rubber and bamboo, and come with suction cups that grip onto the surface of the bathtub. Spread the mat on the slippery surface of the tub, press it down to discharge any air bubbles, and it’s ready to use. Bath mats provide added traction, reduce the risk of slipping and falling in the shower, and offer a soft and comfortable surface. However, products like Tub Grip and SolidStepCote Clear Abrasive Anti-Slip Coating offer a more permanent and effective anti-skid solution for those who prefer a more long-lasting solution.

8. SolidStepCote Clear Abrasive Anti-Slip Coating

For a more permanent solution, consider using SolidStepCote Clear Abrasive Anti-Slip Coating. This water-based coating creates a non-slip texture on most indoor and outdoor surfaces, including fiberglass, tile, porcelain, acrylic, metal, slate, or concrete. It is barefoot-friendly and dries clear, leaving a hard, textured finish that prevents slips and falls. Unlike adhesive strips or decals, this coating will not peel or crack over time. Although applying requires more effort and time, it is a worthwhile investment for those who want a long-lasting and effective solution to their slippery tub or shower. SolidStepCote is ideal for those who want to maintain the aesthetics of their bathroom while ensuring safety.

9. Tub Grip an Ideal Anti-Skid Solution

Another great option to prevent slipping in the bathtub is to use a product called Tub Grip. This anti-skid coating is designed to provide a no-slip surface on acrylic and other slippery tub materials. It is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting solution to the problem of a slippery tub. And the best part is it has no foul odor and little to no appearance change. Plus, it works every time, making it an ideal solution for those who want a permanent fix for their slippery bathtub. So, whether you’re looking for a quick and affordable solution or a permanent anti-skid solution, Tub Grip could be a perfect choice.

10. Suction Cups Rubber Mats or Rough Stickers

Lastly, suction cup rubber mats or rough stickers are popular solutions for fixing a slippery tub. Like bath mats, these products provide a textured surface that helps prevent slipping. Suction cup mats are convenient because they can be easily removed and cleaned. Rough stickers, on the other hand, offer a more permanent solution and can be applied directly to the tub’s surface. Both options are affordable and effective in increasing traction, making them a common choice among homeowners. Whichever option one chooses, it’s essential to ensure proper cleaning of the tub surface before installation to prevent any barriers to suction or adhesion. With these solutions, anyone can enjoy a safer and more secure shower or bath experience.

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