Fall Mats for the Elderly A Must-Have Safety Measure for Every Home

As we get older, our risk of falls increases. But you can help protect your elderly loved ones from serious injury with a fall mat. In this post, we’ll share some of the best fall mats for seniors so that you can keep your elderly relatives safe and sound.

What Are Fall Mats for the Elderly

Fall mats are a great way to help protect the elderly from serious fall injuries. They are specially designed to cushion any impact from a fall and provide an additional layer of safety. Fall mats are designed with beveled edges, non-slip surfaces and can be used for bedside protection. SmartCells® bedside fall protection mats are also available, which alert carers if a patient leaves their bed. Fall mats come in different sizes and styles, providing options for any situation. They can also be used alongside other safety measures, such as sensitive floor mats for added protection. With the right fall mat, elderly individuals can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing they are protected from potential harm.

Fall Mats for the Elderly

Benefits of Fall Mats for the Elderly

Fall mats are an essential safety precaution to help elderly people avoid serious injury from falls. Studies have shown that using a fall mat can reduce the risk of serious injury by up to 1% in nursing home residents who fall from a seated, standing, or lying position. Fall mats can also provide additional cushioning and comfort for elderly individuals at risk of falls. In addition, these mats can help prevent the spread of bacteria and other germs and protect flooring surfaces from damage. With the right type of fall mat, elderly people can enjoy greater peace of mind and security in their homes.

Types of Fall Mats

The types of fall mats available can vary widely, depending on the user’s needs. PrimeMat 2.0 Impact Reduction Fall Mats by Drive Medical are designed to protect against serious injury from falls. They are made of a cushioned material that absorbs shock and reduces the impact of falls. Vive Fall Mats are also available for those who need extra protection and cushioning. For those looking for a more portable option, Drive Medical Tri-Folding Bedside Mats offer a convenient solution that can be folded and stored away when not in use. No matter which type of fall mat is chosen, it is important to choose one made from quality materials, properly fitted to the user’s bed or chair, and regularly maintained for maximum safety and effectiveness.

How to Choose the Right Fall Mat

When choosing a fall mat for the elderly, it is vital to consider the size and weight of the individual and the size of the space where the mat will be placed. It is also essential to look at the type of material used in the mat and ensure it is suitable for a senior’s needs. For example, Drive Medical Tri-Folding Bedside Mat is made from high-impact foam and designed to help prevent injury from potential falls. Vive Fall Mat also provides extra cushioning for added protection. Additionally, it is important to consult a physician or other healthcare professional for advice on fall prevention before purchasing a fall mat. The National Falls Toolkit provides helpful information on choosing and installing fall mats and safety tips on using them properly.

Safety Tips for Using Fall Mats

Using Fall Mats for the elderly is an important safety measure. To ensure a safe environment, it is important to consider the following safety tips when using Fall Mats. Firstly, ensure the Fall Mat is securely attached to the bed and floor. Secondly, ensure that the mattress extends beyond the headboard so that if a fall occurs, it will be cushioned and not result in a broken bone. Thirdly, check that the Fall Mat has a nonslip bottom, beveled edge, and textured surface to prevent slipping or tripping. Finally, use a Secure Bedside Tri-Fold Fall Mat (SBSM-1) for extra protection against serious injuries. These tips will help ensure your elderly loved one remains safe and secure while using Fall Mats.

How to Install Fall Mats

Installing fall mats for the elderly is a crucial step to ensure the safety of seniors at risk of falls. The mats should be placed where a senior may be at risk of falling, such as near beds or chairs. The mats should be laid on a flat surface and secured with the appropriate fasteners. It is important to ensure that the mat is installed correctly and securely before allowing a senior to use it. Additionally, if a senior uses the mat while in bed, it should only be on the floor when resting and removed when they are up and about. By following these steps, seniors can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their fall mats are properly installed and secure.

Fall Mat Maintenance and Care

Once you have chosen and installed the right fall mat for your elderly loved one, it is important to ensure it is properly maintained and cared for. Regularly check the mat for any signs of wear and tear and any loose or missing parts. Additionally, ensure that the mat remains clean and free of dirt or debris. If needed, the mat can be wiped down with a mild detergent or disinfectant. It is also important to regularly inspect the mat’s edges to ensure they are free from sharp objects or debris that may cause injury. Lastly, ensure that the fall mat is in an area that will not be moved or disturbed, as this could cause a fall hazard. With proper maintenance and care, you can ensure that your elderly loved one stays safe when using their fall mat.

Where to Find Fall Mats for the Elderly

Finding the right fall mat for the elderly can be daunting, but various options exist. Many medical supply stores, pharmacies, and online retailers offer a wide selection of fall mats for the elderly. Walmart, Drive Medical, and PrimeMat are just a few stores offering fall mats for the elderly. Prices can range from low to high depending on the type and size of the mat. Additionally, you may be able to find used fall mats from a local thrift store or classifieds website such as Craigslist. When purchasing a fall mat, it is important to consider factors such as size, material, and features to ensure you get one that will provide optimal safety.

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