How Long Do Cremated Ashes Last?

Imagine holding an hourglass in your hand. As you watch the sand slip through the glass, you can’t help but feel a sense of wonderment as each grain represents a moment in time. Death and the fleeting nature of life is something that has perplexed the human race for centuries, sparking endless debates and discussions … Read more

Black Ribbon With Dove Meaning

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Best Flowers For Get Well Soon

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What To Wear To A Visitation?

Visiting a loved one who has passed away is always a somber experience. It’s important to show your respect by dressing appropriately for the occasion. However, deciding what to wear to a visitation can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of the dress code. In this blog post, we will share some tips on what … Read more

What To Wear To A Viewing?

When someone passes away, one of the first things we do is attend their viewing. This is a time for loved ones to gather together, pay their respects, and offer condolences to the family. It’s a moment of sadness and grief but also a time to celebrate the life of the person who has passed. … Read more

The Spiritual Significance Of Turning 60

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Family Estrangement Psychological Effects

Family is supposed to be a source of comfort, safety, and love. But when conflicts arise, relationships can sour and lead to estrangement. The psychological effects of family estrangement are complex and can cause emotional distress. If you or someone you know is experiencing family estrangement, this blog post offers insight and guidance on coping. … Read more