Why Do Dementia Patients Moan?

Dementia is a disease that not only affects memory but also impacts the communication and behavior of an individual. One common behavior observed in dementia patients is moaning or groaning. This can be quite distressing for caregivers and family members who struggle to understand the reason behind this behavior. In this blog post, we delve … Read more

Sensory Wall for Dementia: Everything You Need to Know About It

Are you familiar with sensory walls and their potential to offer a safe and engaging environment for people living with dementia? A sensory wall is an interactive wall that encourages engagement, stimulates the senses and enhances physical stimulation. These walls can use a variety of materials, textures, pictures and shapes to create engaging visual experiences. … Read more

Is Sleeping A Lot A Sign Of Dementia?

Are you sleeping more than usual? Do you find yourself taking naps throughout the day or needing more sleep overall? If this sounds like you, you may struggle with a sleep-related issue ranging from insomnia to tiredness caused by lifestyle issues to a severe underlying condition such as dementia. Recently, there has been an increase … Read more